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More than 20 years ago, Suoi Tien was a barren land, sparsely populated with a small stream which was nestled in the desolate nature.

Until 1987, a Soc Trang’s resident came here. His inspiration suddenly came and motivated him fiercely that “he has to arouse the lifeline of this land.” With dreams, ambition, creativity and determination, Mr. Dinh Van Vui started to build Suoi Tien Forestry Farm for the long term purposes: “Forest Farm is a prerequisite for a large scale Tourist Area in the future. “


The initial area of 6,600 m2 was only a small python farm. The farm organized to breed in the way of export industry, even rare animals and fruit trees next years. From 1989 to 1990, the forest farm produced the sawn timbers for exports, then high-end crafts. The products of Suoi Tien Forest Farm were trusted by domestic and foreign customers. In particular, the world CITES accepted to protect the farm of breeding and exporting reptile species. Sometimes, 10,000 pythons were raised here, then Suoi Tien farm was called as a python farm.


In early 1992, the investment capital was available, the social economy of Ho Chi Minh was developed positively, the construction of a large tourist area to serve the spiritual and cultural life of the people was the necessary demand in accordance with the guidelines of the HCMC Party Committee. Since then, SuoiTien  Park was intended and established, the work items were built in turn. From a legendary stream, it became a real Fairy Stream, daily winding between beautiful and majestic works as a background of SuoiTienPark.


On September, 1995, on the occasion of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, SuoiTienPark was officially opened to welcome visitors from all parts of country.


SuoiTienPark’s main theme to “return to roots of national culture” has created large, unique, rich projects evoking in visitors’ patriot, national pride of the Dragon and Fairyle-gio-to-vua-hung-2-


More than 20 years of construction and development, Suoi Tien has become a leading tourism company of the country and confirmed its position in the region and the world. With an area of ​​55ha​​, over 150 entertainment works of diversity and abundance: The investment capital is: 4,000 billion VND and more than 800 employees, Suoi Tien annually welcomes about 4.5 million visitors. Currently Suoi Tien continues expanding its scale area of over 50 hectares up to 105 hectares and the second investment capital is 2,000 billion VND



 Remember the outset and the state founding period

Our people were derived from the Lac Hong’s grandchildren

Originated from the Fairy Dragon

Noble sense, heart integrity

Our ancestors tried to start careers

This country is covered with a full of silk and satin

Fellow and same country

Born in the same cover and in the house

The Southern land convergence of Fructus Amomi Tsaoko

Supernatural place, filled with sufficient facilities

Stirred the silver waves and cloud

Contributed to build the Vietnamese territory

The General Director was a hero

Originated from the land of Southern

His Native place in Soc Trang

Left the country to find great opportunities

Stopped in Ho Chi Minh city
His views were near and far
Selected a desolate and waste area to quietly build

Nourished the great will to overcome difficulties

He knew convergence of supernatural nature this place

“ Seven Fairies ” appeared this place

Suoi Tien reminded the old stories

 The Dragon line indicated the chorography

Suoi Tien was a wild area originally

HAPPINESS to build

Spiritual CULTURE towards the root

LANDSCAPE was famous in several places

The Territory of Vietnam was considered as criteria

Illustrated the fairyland of the earth

The entertainment in the idle times

Do not forget the Lac Long root.

 Reputation was resounding everywhere

Merits were honored

Considered as the typical Entrepreneur of Vietnam

 Honor family and ancestors


          With the mottoto “Always innovate – Always Develop”, SuoiTienPark annually launches from 2 to 4 new facilities to serve tourists, while constantly training and coaching for employees and officers to become professional staff on the basis of  ISO 9001 – 2000 standard

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